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The benefits of Mermaid Marine Services polishing equipment:
The only way to keep a propeller in shape is to ensure a proper and regular cleaning. It is therefore essential to keep the leafs of the propeller's surface smooth and free of marine organisms, because if the surface of the leafs of the propeller's becomes uneven, then the resistance of the water gets higher.
This could end with the emergence of cavitation that constantly intensify itselfs, if one does not keep the surface even by polishing this unevenness with fine diamond discs.
By polishing the blades of the propellers with diamond disks in the water one has achieved to get a smoother surface than even a propeller manufacturer can provide.
The propeller polishing machine: Propeller Polisher
  1. The propeller Polisher is outstandingly good and the ball-bearings are sealed to ensure a long life time

  2. It is a proven and stable special tool of a great standard

  3. Blades of diamonds of a various thicknesses are used for polishing

  4. We use the Rupert Scale as a standard to evaluate the blades of the propeller’s surface before and after polishing

  5. The propeller polishing machine is light in weight and can be powered from the ship's own fire pump system and tubes, which makes it very user and customer friendly.

  6. The diver adjusts the water flow with a regulator


Propeller Polisher:  

The Propeller Polisher works best at 6 - 7 bar water pressure (operating 6-10 bar)
Optimum water flow 700 l / min
Weight above water: 3.5 kg.
Weight in water: 3.5 kg.
Diameter: 200 mm.
Coupling 2 "Storz
Price complete in suitcase 3000 US Dollars
The centrifugal force embraces that the Propeller Polisher will be sucked onto the propeller, which enables the diver to polish the propeller with circular motions Blades of diamonds and brushes can be changed underwater.
A Propeller Polisher suitcase includes:
1 Propeller Polisher
1 Plastic 2" ball tube with 2 Storz couplings
1 Storz 2" pipefitting
1 Diamond polishing disc (green)
1 Suitcase (also for ideal for travelling)
Selection of diamond polishing discs (200 mm ø)
(Carbide brush can be purchased separately)
This machine is available in two models:
Model A: Drive shaft of 14 mm. to 200 mm. back cover
Model B: Drive shaft of 16 mm. to 150 mm. back cover
All our Propeller Polishing machines are water driven and there is hereby no risk of oil spills that may occur as when cleaning with oil hydraulic machinery.
The propeller polishing machines can always be powered by water pressure from the cleaning ship's own fire system.
Propeller Polishing Brushes
These brushes are used in the context of cleaning heavy overgrown propeller blades before using the discs of diamonds. All our brushes are made of nylon material that can be reused many times and the customer can attach new hair on the brushes.
The nylon brushes are fitted with different hair types.
All our standard brushes have a unit price of 320 US Dollars.
Brush Type F:
Hair type: 1,5 mm.
Weight: 1,0 kg. 
Diamenter: 170 mm. 
Brush Type G:
3 pieces of scrubbing knifes of 2 mm. spring steel
Hair type: 2,2 mm.
Weight: 1,0 kg.
Diamenter: 170 mm. 
Brush Type H: 
1 Row of 5 mm. plastic coated steel wire
Hair type: 2,8 mm.
Weight: 1,0 kg. 
Diameter: 170 mm. 
Brush Type I: 
This type of brush is used in context with polishing the end of the blades of the propellers, where the disc of diamonds is not capable of polishing. The brush is fitted by 2.2 mm. carbide hair.
All our standard brushes have a unit price of 320 US Dollars.

Cover plates: 
These are available in two diameter sizes. One of 200 mm. in diameter to á 14 mm. shaft and 150 mm. in diamenter to á 16 mm. shaft. 
Both comes with a velcro band aimed at attaching the polishing discs. 
Prices 150 mm. 100 US Dollars 
Prices 200 mm. 120 US Dollars 
Polishing discs:
The discs of diamonds are found in many grain sizes and depending of the type of job and the blades of the propellers nature the right discs must be applied.  
Average price 150 mm. 160 US Dollars 
Average price 200 mm. 215 US Dollars