The benefits of Mermaid Marine Services hull cleaning equipment:
  1. The hull cleaning system is proven and used worldwide for several years

  2. The stable and proven system has been modified with the technology that is used today as a environmental protective hull cleaning of ships

  3. The technology that is used while manufacturing the brushes, means that each type of paint will be treated according to the supplier's recommendations

  4. The cleaning machine releases the fouling from the ship hull so that the cleaned fouling is collected in a very simple and safe process

  5. The cleaned material is transported from the cleaning machine through a very unique filter system, specially developed to filter the cleaned fouling, so the entire hull cleaning process will be conducted completely environmentally neutral

  6. As the hull cleaning system is very simple and the diver has physical contact with the machine, the reliability and cleaning speed are very high.

Smutti is our basic model:
This machine can be used for all our standard brushes. The machine has a maximum cleaning width of 85 cm. and a cleaning speed of 20 m²  per minute.
Best at 10 bar water pressure
Can run with less pressure at slightly fouling
Optimum water flow of 1000 l/min
Weight above water: 40 kg.
Weight in water: slighty positive
Length 110 cm.
Width 70 cm.
Couplings 2 "Storz
Price 10,600 US Dollars incl. 3 brushes wish.
Smutti for collection:
This machine works like a vacuum cleaner or hoover and collects all removed materials. It is used in ports for light and medium fouling.
The machine has a maximum cleaning width of 85cm.
Cleaning speed is 15 m² per minute.
Best at 10 bar water pressure
Optimum water flow 1000 l / min
Weight above water: 55 kg.
Weight in water: Slightly positive
Length: 113 cm.
Width: 97 cm.
Coupling 2 "Storz to the pressure site coupling 3" Storz to the suction site
Price 12,750 US Dollars incl. 3 brushes after own wish.
Smutti for hard work:
This machine is built for very strong fouling. It can perform cleaning up to 15 cm. with extra sharp knife brushes.
The cleaning speed is after the nature of the fouling
The Machine has a maximum cleaning width of 105 cm.
Best at 10 to 12 bar water pressure
Optimum water flow 1000 to 1200 l/min
Weight above water: 50 kg.
Weight in water: Negative weight
Length: 110 cm.
Width: 70 cm.
Coupling 2 "Storz
Price 10.600 US Dollars incl. 2 brushes.
Filter System:
This filter system is unique due to the fact that it can be used for hull cleaning of all types of paint.
The inserts of the filter are replaceable depending of the paint and the nature of the fouling.
For the inserts of the filter quality and approval certificate are included. 
Weight: 80 kg.
Length: 1.20 m.
Width: 0.80 m.
Height: 1.0 m.
Price: 6.900 US Dollars incl. 6 pcs. inserts of filtering (100 and 200 microns).
All our brushes are made of nylon material that can be reused many times.
The customer can attach new hair on the brushes.
The nylon brushes are fitted with different hair types; this hair is tilted at an angle that allows the proper suction capacity and pressure at the paint of the vessel. This prevent that the polished hair spikes will not damage even soft paint.
All our standard brushes have a unit price of 320 US Dollars
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