Mermaid Marine Service
Competence, Integrity, Professionalism and Experience
Our core competencies are our recognized and customized specialised designed hull cleaning machine - and propeller polishing solutions that we have developed based on our experience over more than 30 years.
We are specialists in hull cleaning and propeller polishing; our machines can clean 20 m2 per minute or 1.200 m2 per hour at light fouling.
The hull cleaning machines need to use a water pressure of 10 bar and a flow of 1000 litters per minute to function optimally, this pump performance can of course be delivered, but it is actually possible in most cases to use the cleaning ship's own fire system.
We have an extraordinary team of developers, engineers, qualified and trained divers and various partners whom all have the necessary approvals from the Danish Maritime Authority, Classification Societies and Environmental approvals.
We follow of course all safety procedures and the Danish Maritime Authority approves all our diving equipment.
Development strategy
We expect that the overall focus on the environment, eco-audits and general economic savings in the society will lead to an increased focus on hull cleaning, propeller polishing and fuel-saving operations will follow.
Our vision is to be a recognized, preferred, flexible and a serious competence partner for our customers and partners. We operate with the ambition in offering a complete range of high quality products associated with underwater solutions as hull cleaning and propeller polishing for ship maintenance.
We focus on the development of the society, and we wish to compete on price, fast distribution, information and guidance from qualified and experienced divers / engineers, mixed with service and flexibility.
Fair Price
Our ambition is to be competitive from a Fair Price
We want to deliver the right solution for our customers - and at a fair price.
Our flexibility is based on the fact that we adapt our solutions to each task and customer.
We are at Mermaid Marine Service always reliable for our customers’ timeframes and location.
Mermaid Marine Service offers
  • Permanent hull cleaning and propeller polishing solutions
  • Effective class-approved maintenance, which saves a large percentage of the cost of fuel
  • The solutions can be used in port or at anchor