Unique and Patented!
Mermaid Marine Service offers a complete range of quality maintenance products of machinery and brushes for underwater hull cleaning of ships and vessels.
When the operations are conducted as guided the underwater cleanings will be:
  • Quick and effective

  • Fuel-saving

  • Savings on costly unplanned offhire time or drydock visits


Mermaid Marine Service's hull cleaning products:

  • The Hull Cleaning machines can, in most cases, be operated by the water pressure from the cleaning ship's own fire system
  • All our hull cleaning machines are water driven and therefore not at risk of oil spills that may occur during treatment with oil hydraulic machines

 These operations are:

  • Permanent

  • Class Approved

  • Danish Design

  • High-quality products at cheap prices

  • Always the most economically advantageous at any given place

  • Carried out in port or at anchor

  • Performed while commercial operations continues without interruption